Out of the darkness

Last post I arrogantly spouted by ability to keep up with over a post per month in 2016. How the mighty have fallen. I’m currently averaging 0.25 or 0.5 posts a month now, depending if you want to generously include this rambling as part of the data. (And then of course the only other post was really just a summary of 2016.) But I am now emerging from the darkness. Moving past certain milestones in my PhD means my workload is lightening. I choose to view this as the clouds dissipating as opposed to employing a less optimistic “eye of the storm” analogy. London is also emerging from the gloom of winter, albeit begrudgingly. As a result, spirits are high and there is much to celebrate in the coming months. Soon we’ll be able to refer to “Spring” and “Summer” without the assumed sarcasm and quotation marks. 


To be honest, there isn’t much I wanted to focus on here. I’m really just touching base and providing a justification to keep this domain open. If you have a perusal around you may notice I’ve updated my sketches, snaps and bio. I’ve been doing a bit of reading into climate change science and skeptics, so I imagine I’ll write a little something about doubt and denial at some point in the future. If I keep up with my blistering pace of 2017 this should surface sometime around October. 

Callum Lamont