Snow dump/photo dump

Another first for my London stay. It has snowed. Like, it has properly snowed. Last year I posted a picture of a fairly weak attempt by London’s climate to impress me (with what was essentially exaggerated frost). I thought that was the best I was going to see until a recent Sunday morning. Yet still the locals found a way to complain about the weather. The real pity was that, being in central london, the ground temp was probably a bit too high to allow the falling snow to accumulate, though further out there were definitely some more impressive displays. And in the fallout of that snow day I’ve had a question put to me repeatedly, which in its essence was “That must have been the first time you’ve seen snow, right?”. Uh, no. Australia is the 6th largest country in the world, spanning a range of latitudes, with a varied topology and geography. There are “ski resorts”, and we also have “airports”, which allow the locals to visit other parts of the world, where the snow is more plentiful. I’m sure any expat will have experienced how singular a view the rest of the world has of their homeland. And Australia is just hot and full of deadly animals.

2016 (left) and 2017 (right)

2016 (left) and 2017 (right)

While not admiring the falling geometric crystals of ice, I have managed to maintain my jet-setting lifestyle around Europe, albeit to a lesser degree than 2016. Recent destinations include Paris (eh..), Sophia (ooo!) and Sevilla (estupendo!). I like having a dig at Paris, but it was actually alright this time round. Bulgaria was a bit more interesting and fun though. It certainly had a very distinct identity and was not ‘just another eastern European country’. It was the second time I’ve been confronted by the Cyrillic alphabet, which can really confuse your brain if you try to read it. Similarities between the letters in the Cyrillic and English alphabets is just some sort of cruel joke to confuse the western world. Г is pronounced as G, И is pronounced as ‘ee’, Н is pronounced as N, У is pronounced as ‘oo’; and lets not even get started on crazy characters like Д, Ж, Л, Ц, Ю, and Щ (which is apparently pronounced as shcha??). Lastly, Spain. Boy, the choice to go to Spain in November really paid off, with the weather remaining in the low 20s and not a single cloud to be spotted over 4 days. A stark contrast to London and a great opportunity to practice my español!

Though of course a single paragraph can’t really go a whole way to describing these experiences, so I’ve uploaded more photos to my Flickr account (it is very Sevilla-heavy). Enjoy!

Callum Lamont