Despite having previously lived in the Northern Hemisphere for the better part of a year, I had forgotten how 10,000-15,000 km of separation facilitates a cultural drift between Australia and the remainder of western civilisation. It's akin to the changing tastes of the next generation (something I'm also starting to appreciate..). I'd like to say it's them (every other country) who are out of touch, but majority rules I suppose. This difference is most painfully recognised with our love of footy, sorry I mean AFL.. Australian Rules Football? No, not rugby..  Yeah, nah, no that's not quite it. It would be a little arrogant to expect the world to understand the intricacies of our native fandom, but I was expecting them to at least have a rudimentary comprehension of the game. The main issue arising here is, if I've brought up the sport to someone who hasn't entirely grasped the concept then I feel socially obliged to impart some information. It is this act which forces one to view the sport from an outsiders perspective, a confronting task. I once found myself simply equating AFL to the sum total of components of other sports, including soccer, gridiron, rugby, basketball, gaelic football and handball. But then of course allegiances shift towards rugby league the further you travel up the east coast. I wondrous and coherent nation are we. 


Callum Lamont