Ugh... Banks

Banks, amirite!? Yep, it’s one of those inevitabilities of moving to a new country. Got to get one of those bank things sorted out. Never has the idea of the shared human experience been exemplified as much as within that queue of exasperated people facing their financiers. You could say the same about the perhaps more unfortunate few who’s job it is to sit behind that solid perspex. Always looking a little melancholy, with seemingly little patience for my inability to get a specific form from the university because the damn student office doesn't open till 10am!? Hmm, I was trying not to make that about me. Though, I feel my point remains valid (my point being Ugh… banks). For those thinking about moving country, just remember there’s a fair amount of red-tape you’ll need to traverse, on either end mind you, before you really feel like you’ve finally made it. So this is where I’m at, mid jungle-of-tape. I’ve got enough sorted that I can cruise somewhat on autopilot, thinking more about friends and uni than bureaucracies, but you may hear one or two more rants yet. 


Otherwise, I’m doing well. I have acclimatised to the cold, and it is legitimately getting cold. I arrived at uni this morning to find it was a nice balmy 32º (faranheit) outside. I also saw my first snowfall over the weekend. Photos of the dump have been uploaded on my Snaps page. But we’re over halfway through the winter now, so it will only get warmer (on average) from here! I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m unlikely to go for many jogs in the elements, so I’ve signed up to a gym, as well as a 5-a-side football (i.e. soccer) team. My skills in the kitchen are also getting put to good use. However, I’m always on the lookout for good recipes, so if you have anything which is quick, cheap, easy to prepare, healthy, tastes delicious and is suitable for microwave reheating shoot me an email. 


I’ve decided to keep these posts relatively concise and relevant, as well as frequent. Seems to be a lot easier to have a quick sit and bust out a couple of paragraphs than to draft and edit an essay late into the night.  

Callum Lamont