In the throes

So the website is officially live. I've had a bit of positive feedback, which is encouraging as well as motivating to keep the entries coming. Looking back on my first entry I realise there wasn't actually that much bloggy stuff written. However, I feel like this may be forgiven as my journey had only just begun. My worry now is that, well into my second week and second post, if I had nothing to write then things wouldn't be looking too flash for the future of this project. I think I have enough to work with but I'll err on the side of caution and keep this short and sweet (and store some stories for a later date).

I'm officially into my second week and I've got to say.. I like this city. Not the most bold proclamation one could make about this capital. Indeed, London seems to be pretty well renowned as a place where people come and say "I like this city". There seems to be heaps to do, none of which I've done. And the weather is nice, in its own Londonian way. I don't mind a bit of chill and I've had enough blue skies to keep me smiling. My one criticism to the city (if it's paying attention) is the ratio of sunlight to darkness. Perhaps push that sunset to, say, not 4pm and we'll get along dandy. 

The first few days were a bit of a rollarcoaster. The jet lag was initially negligible, then merciless. A few early mornings I was forced to concede defeat to my disjointed circadian rhythm and get up sub 4 am. The scarcity of natural lighting during the days hasn't benefited this adjustment. Many a (awfull, just awful) coffee has been enlisted in defence against the afternoon drowsiness. However, I am proud to say that I now type before you, fully in sync with the motions of this great city. Unfortunately, the beginnings of my PhD intersected with this adaptation phase, making any afternoon meeting or training essentially worthless. Perhaps arriving a few days earlier would have been good. I won't get into specifics about anything I've done (can't really get specific about nothing), but I'm really enjoying the vibe of the uni as well as the potential for my project. UCL very much emphasise the importance of using your PhD as an opportunity for upskilling. There are an endless number of short courses I can take to complement my research, as well as weekly seminars on a wide range of topics. So hopefully I'll emerge out of this pilgrimage with some extra beneficial talents.

Since arriving I've had a few things on my plate. Getting my initial accommodation sorted, getting my enrolment sorted, getting my project sorted and getting my new accommodation sorted. All in all things are finally settling down, which means I can ramp things up and actually start doing stuff. I'll let you know how it goes.

P.S. don't try to update a blog and cook at the same time

Callum Lamont