Callum lamont - PhD candidate 

This is an “about" page.

About preposition

  1. on the subject of; concerning: I was thinking about you | an article about yellow fever | it’s all about having fun.

OK now we know what is to be expected, at least more broadly. Next matter, what is this "about" page actually about... Should it be about me or about this website? This website is already about me generally: What I’m doing, thinking or making. So if this page is just about me, then it's a bit redundant. But if it’s about this website, then you can simply refer back to two sentences ago and that pretty much sums it up.

Alright I'll flesh out this idea of me a little more. I am a PhD student in Biomedical Engineering at University College London. I was born and raised in Melbourne. As a consequence, I have a hole in my heart which cannot be filled by the international attempts at a flat white. (I joke, you can actually get a pretty decent coffee in London if you know where to go). I’ve also lived and worked abroad in the Netherlands (where you cannot get a decent coffee, there is no where to go). Outside of taking coffee too seriously, I attempt to play guitar and photograph things. I have contributed my fair share to the CO2 content of our atmosphere through my travels and really hope we get our shit sorted in that respect (climate change that is), so I can continue my future explorations guilt-free.

On my considerations page I tend to write on more serious matters which are currently consuming my mind. My worry is that this may give the impression I’m a bit somber and no fun. So I’m going to leave you with a photo of a rather psychedelic deep-dreamed dachshund I edited. Enjoy.